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Toundra - III

Toundra - III


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"2 years after "II", the new album of Toundra is ready. Recorded in Madrid with Carlos Santos (Sandman Studios), with the help of Juan Blas (Westline Studios) and the mix of Santi Garcia and mastering of Victor García (Ultramarinos). "III" is a furious album. There´s a lot of rage in these songs. The sound is brilliant. Guitars are agressive. Cover has been painted by Chelsea Green Lewyta, who made "II" too, and packaging is made by Victor García-Tapia. Total Pressing of 1000 records. Narshardaa records released 100 on mixed white,blue and transparent green vinyl, 100 pieces on solid yellow with black mixed vinyl and 200 records on solid orange with black mixed vinyl !"

Record Label
Narshardaa Records