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The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears b/w The Means Relativize The Ends 7"
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The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears b/w The Means Relativize The Ends 7"





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The debut 7" by San Fran's Minot. Comes in a thick, top loading 7" cardboard jacket with heavy UV gloss coating. Two different colors of vinyl to choose from, both inspired by the Europa-themed artwork. Europa Sea Translucent Blue vinyl is limited to 100 copies, while the Europa Ice Baby Blue vinyl is limited to 300 copies. Please check the discography page for full pressing information.

“The idea behind MINOT is deceptively complex. Livid post-punk energy roils beneath a surface of cooly understated psychedelic instrumental composition. Their music is immediately familiar, yet they are a singularity in the world of post-rock. They are a bundle of contradictions: Dark, but up-tempo; heavy, but danceable; mean, but whimsical. MINOT has very little to do with the ubiquitous reverb-soaked melancholy crescendo-rock; their style has been shaped by experimental bands on the fringe of rock music like Turing Machine, Laddio Bolocko, Young Widows, and Future Of The Left. These influences brought the three members to an interesting musical intersection. MINOT puts experimentalism and fury back into post-rock; the expansive, but increasingly predictable genre.

Guitarist Matthew Solberg, formerly of From Monument To Masses (Dim Mak Records), began writing the music that would become MINOT shortly before FMTM broke up in 2010. He and drummer Shannon Corr had played together for years in the Bay Area noise rock band TURKS as a rhythm section (Solberg playing bass) and it was that dynamic which largely defined the way they would proceed in 2011 with MINOT. Solberg’s guitar playing shunted into Corr’s drumming the way a bass guitar would, which allowed bassist Ben Thorne to explore an unconventional space. Ben had played for years in Low Red Land (Thinker Thought Records) and years later MINOT would be fortunate enough to share him with San Francisco’s Tartufi (Southern UK), a band with whom he still plays. Thorne’s basslines throttle playfully and strangely through melodies and undertows alike. Corr’s drumming burns tirelessly and almost mechanically, invoking memories of Jerry Fuchs. Solberg has left most of his pretty melodic arpeggios behind, opting for jagged, biting riffs that shudder with strange effects and hummingbird-quick strumming.

MINOT now move through their paces like veterans with a strong desire not to waste time. From playing crazily energetic shows around northern California to recording their first studio effort with Robert Cheek at The Hangar in Sacramento, they are trying to make every move count. The Mylene Sheath (Caspian, Junius, Aeges) will release the bands debut 7" on November 27th, 2012. MINOT will be on the road as much as possible the remainder of 2012, as well as writing a follow-up full-length for 2013."

Limited to
Translucent Sea Blue: 100 | White: 100 | Baby Blue: 300
Vinyl Weight
43 gram standard weight
Artwork Design
Artwork Layout & Design: Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Industries
Vinyl Manufacturer
Pirates Press/GZ