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The Mylene Sheath 7" Collection
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The Mylene Sheath 7" Collection


Out of Stock

Here's a package deal where you can grab every one of the seven inchers we've released that are still in print, in one shot! So with this mega 7" deal you will receive:

- Lvngs Sinking Ships 7"

- Eksi Ekso Kills of the Flood Tide 7"

- Beneath Oblivion/Angel Eyes split 7"

- Aeges Southern Comfort 7"

- Minot The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears 7"

- Lavinia Take Shelter 7"

- Pelican Deny The Absolute 7"

- Aeges/Dust Moth Bad Blood split 7"

- San Angelus- uu•Ü•uu 7"

When we pack your order for this package deal, we'll make sure to include the most limited version of the 7" still available at that time, or you can shoot us an email after ordering and specify any specific colors you want, if available. We'll toss a free Sheath 45 adapter in there as well for ya :) Grab an 8-pack and get them sevens boyeeee!

Package Deal