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The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist 2xLP MISPRESS EDITION

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The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist 2xLP MISPRESS EDITION


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In 2009 when we had the vinyl edition of The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist manufactured, there was a glitch in the master and it caused two tracks (Letters From Saint Angelica & The Morning Eulogy) to overlap for about 30 seconds. Upon realizing this we quickly had the master fixed and the records repressed without the glitch. But we still had a ton of glitched 2xLP's left over. People started emailing us asking if they could buy one of them for completist purposes, and we've been meaning to make some available for a long time. Well, with the new EP coming out next month, we thought this would be a good time to make a limited portion of this glitched version available! Each set is on clear vinyl w/bronze haze and comes packaged in a clear, button-up jacket. The jackets have been texturized and they have the moth from the original artwork cut out of cork and adhered to the cover.