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The Junior-Size Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kit
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The Junior-Size Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kit




And here's our "junior" size Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kit :)

If the "Jumbo-Size" or "Medium-Size" Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kit are a bit too ambitious for ya, then try this junior one on for size :) It's a pretty bangin' little package deal for those of you that are just recently discovering the label and would like to snag a bunch of our releases at once, and heavily discounted ;) This packagehas just been updated (2.4.14) and now includes 14 different releases for just $114.99, and of course we'll also toss in the CD versions of each one that has a CD version - AT NO EXTRA COOOOOOST! Here's the list:

(Sheath030) Beware of Safety "Leaves/Scars" 2xLP brown marble (limited to 300) ****ONLY 1 COPY LEFT****

(Sheath031) Actors&Actresses "ARC" 12" translucent gold w/black streaks (limited to 109) ****ONLY 4 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath032) Angel Eyes/Beneath Oblivion split 7" clear vinyl (limited to 200)

(Sheath033) Beneath Oblivion "From Man To Dust" 2xLP translucent orange w/black streaks (limited to 300)

(Sheath035) Junius/Rosetta split 12" clear vinyl w/etching (limited to 400)

(Sheath037) Chasma "Declarations of the Grand Artificer" LP black vinyl (limited to 200)

(Sheath039) Constants "Pasiflora" LP purple vinyl w/pink haze (limited to 100) ****ONLY 3 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath040) Aeges "Southern Comfort" 7" translucent red vinyl (limited to 400)

(Sheath041) Gifts From Enola "A Healthy Fear" 2xLP baby blue vinyl (limited to 100) ****ONLY 12 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath042) Minot "The Ringing Silence" 7" baby blue vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath043) Lavinia "Take Shelter" 7" half white/half black vinyl (limited to 100) ****ONLY 6 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath045) Pelican "Deny The Absolute" 7" half grey/half white vinyl (limited to 1200)

(Sheath046) Aeges / Dust Moth "Bad Blood" split 7" half translucent red/half black (limited to 100) ****ONLY 2 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath047) Living Phantoms "Shiver" cassette / blue shells (limited to 100)

Plenty of awesomeness to be had at once here, and it will ship with plenty of fun extras!

Package Deal