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The Four Trees CD



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This is the deluxe reissue of the critically acclaimed debut full-length by Beverly, MA's "Caspian". These come packaged in deluxe, heavyweight 5" cardboard gatefold "tip-on" sleeves printed at Stoughton Printing. Design by N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries. The album was originally released in April of 2007 and was the highly anticipated follow up to 2005's debut EP "You Are The Conductor".

With expectations for "The Four Trees" at a nearly unrealistic level after setting the bar so high with the EP, most bands would have cringed at the daunting task of this follow-up. But not only did Caspian meet the expectations, they completely blew them out of the water by creating an album that will easily go down as a landmark release in modern day instrumental music.

From the triumphant opening track "Moksha", to the aggressive, adrenaline-fueled stompers "Crawlspace" and "Brombie", to the complete and utter finality of apocalyptic closer "...Reprise", the album is not only a journey through both conceptual and sonic layers, but it is the sound of a band that is coming of age and realizing their creative genius. A band that has the life-changing sound that all bands strive to acquire. "The Four Trees" placed Caspian firmly atop the heap of instrumental bands springing out of nowhere in 2007 and solidified their spot as the leader of the pack. Now after five years of relentless touring, playing over 400 shows, including five full US tours criss-crossing the country and two separate gargantuan jaunts throughout continental Europe, Caspian has proven to be the front runners of the new wave of instrumental music. "The Four Trees" was the precursor to their newest album "Tertia", and will forever stand as more than just a sign of things to come - but as a masterpiece of a debut full length recording.

CD Packaging
heavy 5" CD gatefold || CMYK || tip-on
Artwork Design
||Design & Layout: Nate Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries