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split 7" w/Narrows

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split 7" w/Narrows



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"Narrows and Heiress team up to bring you a split 7"EP of catastrophic proportions. Narrows offer up two brand new songs, the perfect brutal follow-up to their highly celebrated "New Distances" album. These songs show the band progressing passed their project stages, finding their stride along side the other elite level aggressive bands out there today. Heiress offer their own brand of intensity and feature longtime hardcore/metal vocalist John Pettibone (Himsa, Botch, Undertow) at the helm. Their approach is nothing short of monstrous. A metal/hardcore hybrid that is dark, discordant and uniquely unpredictable. The perfect creative new chapter for some of Seattle's most interesting and dedicated artists."

Record Label
Deathwish, Inc.
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