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Self-Titled TEST PRESS (Jacket #1/3, Vinyl #2/5)


Out of Stock

This would seem to be the holy grail for ITTCT collectors, yeah? Not sure if any of these have ever been sold online. High price tag is because if it doesn't sell, we won't be upset. This is the first record we ever released and this is our personal copy. As per our discography page, here's the info:

"Collectors Note: There were 5 test presses of this one. We had a contest online for jacket designs and Brian Stowell won. His design was then hand screened by Charlie Wagers. Even though there were originally 5 test presses, 2 of those were lost and only 3 remained. So the jackets are hand numbered out of 3, with the actual records numbered out of 5, with 2 of them unnumbered somewhere in Akron."

We came up with the price because we have seen copies of Above The Earth, Below The Sky TP's sell for $250-$350. This one is much more special though. It's both our first release and the Trees dudes' first release. Toss the Charlie Wagers/Brian Stowell bromance in there and you've got the most collectible ITTCT/Sheath item in existence :) <3

Again, the price is what it's worth. It's what we're willing to take for you to pry it from our hands. If you don't want to pay it, then don't, we will be equally as stoked to keep it in-house. Sup.