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Russian Circles - Memorial LP

Russian Circles - Memorial LP


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"Memorial is the fifth studio album by the American rock band Russian Circles. The album was released on October 29, 2013 through Sargent House. Memorial was produced by Brandon Curtis (Secret Machines, Interpol), who also produced the band's two previous albums, Empros (2011) and Geneva (2009).

Bassist Brian Cook said that Memorial is more "polarizing" between heavy and soft parts than previous efforts, and that the "heavy parts are much more blown out and exaggerated while the pretty moments are far more restrained, delicate, and atmospheric." Cook also described the album as being darker and more somber than previous efforts. Inspired by Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals, Memorial's album structure features the similarly composed intro/outro songs "Memoriam" and "Memorial" to make the album start and end in the same place."

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Sargent House
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