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Russian Circles - Geneva 2xLP

Russian Circles - Geneva 2xLP


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"This is an expertly shaped set of songs with their own identity, independent of the live experience. The addition of the bowed instruments and drunken horns is significant; their effect lovely, as if the band has assembled a sonic force similar to the one responsible for that last Stars of the Lid album, "And Their Refinement of the Decline." The classical textures are strongly suggestive, particularly during "Hexed All," where dust settles on a battlefield as the sun comes up. "I hear two general themes in our music," reflects Brian, "on the heavier side of things I hear impending doom and violence, and in the prettier moments I hear solace and redemption." Guidance between universal dark and light is provided by the boulder-thick tone of Cook's contributions: he effectively directs by accentuating, reinforcing, and generally 'funkifying' the proceedings with malevolent sonance. It gets serious when the low-end starts asking the all-encompassing questions: "What does planet Earth sound like?" or "How should we handle such vast arms-lengths of transcendence when we can barely wrap our heads around this?" There are no epic precursors to Geneva, only these banded individuals..."

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Sargent House
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