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Naysayer b/w Just Throats 7"

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Naysayer b/w Just Throats 7"



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Snagged a few copies of this Heiress 7" that followed their split 7" with Narrows. These are on cream colored vinyl. Grab one up quick!

"Heiress is comprised of former members of Botch, Himsa, Undertow, Jough Dawn Baker, Harbinger, and Pistols At Dusk. A well worn five piece hailing from the Pacific Northwest, they play a brand of dissonant post metal infused with a cold, hardcore heart. "Naysayer b/w Just Throats" features two brand new exclusive Heiress songs and picks up where their split with Narrows left off. Both songs are grim, dark, and ominous post everything musical explorations. "Naysayer" falls into a downward spiral of aggressive percussion before plodding forth with a warhorse like pace. While the b-side "Just Throats" navigates emotionally melodic waters, showing the sonic diversity that is Heiress at their most powerful. There's no question, "Naysayer b/w Just Throats" is a stunning release. A stark place holder to hold you over the fall and winter months, as Heiress will unleash their debut album "Early Frost" in 2012 on Deathwish. Artwork by Demian Johnston."

Pressing Info:
First Press:
330 - Clear vinyl
750 - Cream vinyl

Limited to
Record Label
Deathwish, Inc