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The Jumbo-Size Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kit
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The Jumbo-Size Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kit



Out of Stock


This is a package deal for those of you that are just recently discovering the label and would like to snag a bunch of our releases at once, and heavily discounted ;) This package has been updated (02.10.14) and now includes 30 different releases for $299.99, it's one big ass box of records! And we'll also toss in the CD versions of each one that has a CD version, so you'll also receive at least 16 CDs - AT NO EXTRA COOOOOOST! Also included are free shirts, posters, stickers, pins, zines, random distro vinyl & CDs and whatever else we cram into the box! You can stream every title over on our Bandcamp page HERE. Here's the complete list of vinyl included:

(Sheath002) Beware of Safety "It Is Curtains" 12" black vinyl (limited to 350)

(Sheath006) Giants - They, The Undeserving 12" maroon vinyl (limited to 100) ****ONLY 2 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath007) Beneath Oblivion "Beneath Oblivion" 10" black vinyl (limited to 100) ****ONLY 3 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath008) Eksi Ekso "I Am Your Bastard Wings" 2xLP white vinyl (limited to 600)

(Sheath010) Lvngs "Sinking Ships b/w Two" 7" black vinyl (limited to 250)

(Sheath013) Actors&Actresses "Arrows" grey vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath014) Constants "The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension" 3xLP cream vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath019) Angel Eyes "Midwestern" LP navy blue vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath023) Herra Terra "Quiet Geist" LP grape soda vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath024) Eksi Ekso "Kills of the Flood Tide" 7" pink vinyl (limited to 200)

(Sheath027) Eksi Ekso "Brown Shark, Red Lion" 2xLP orange marble (limited to 300)

(Sheath028) Actors&Actresses "We Love Our Enemy" 12" clear vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath031) Actors&Actresses "ARC" 12" black vinyl (limited to 98)

(Sheath032) Angel Eyes/Beneath Oblivion split 7" clear vinyl (limited to 200)

(Sheath033) Beneath Oblivion "From Man To Dust" 2xLP translucent orange w/black streaks (limited to 300)

(Sheath035) Junius/Rosetta split 12" clear vinyl w/etching (limited to 400)

(Sheath037) Chasma "Declarations of the Grand Artificer" LP black vinyl (limited to 200)

(Sheath039) Constants "Pasiflora" LP black vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath040) Aeges "Southern Comfort" 7" translucent red vinyl (limited to 400)

(Sheath041) Gifts From Enola "A Healthy Fear" 2xLP navy blue vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath042) Minot "The Ringing Silence" 7" baby blue vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath043) Lavinia "Take Shelter" 7" half white/half black vinyl (limited to 100) ****ONLY 2 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath045) Pelican "Deny The Absolute" 7" half grey/half white vinyl (limited to 1200)

(Sheath046) Aeges / Dust Moth "Bad Blood" split 7" translucent red vinyl with grey splatter (limited to 300)

(Sheath047) Living Phantoms "Shiver" cassette / blue shells (limited to 100)

(Sheath048) San Angelus "uu•U•uu" 7" baby blue vinyl w/white & grey splatter (limited to 100) ****ONLY 4 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath049) Dust Moth "Dragon Mouth" LP translucent swamp green (limited to 300)

(Sheath052) Minot "Equal/Opposite" translucent orange vinyl (limited to 300)

(Sheath053) Aeges "Above & Down Below" LP translucent green vinyl w/gold splatter (limited to 100) ****OFFERING 1 COPY OF THIS SOLD OUT TITLE TO WHOEVER BUYS THIS KIT****

(Sheath054) Jakob "Sines" 2xLP black vinyl (limited to 500) ****ONLY 4 COPIES LEFT****

(Sheath055) Heiress "Of Great Sorrow" LP gold/grey swirl vinyl (limited to 300) ****OFFERING 1 COPY OF THIS SOLD OUT TITLE TO WHOEVER BUYS THIS KIT****

And if there's a different vinyl color you would prefer on a certain release other than those listed, just email us and let us know and we'll work with you! And if you're an international dude or dudette we're willing to work with you on the shipping costs, just get in touch with us at info@themylenesheath.com :)

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Package Deal