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Memorial Day Sale!

Memorial Day Sale!



Hey y'all!

Happy Memorial Day to ye! And a straight up THANK YOU from the Sheath to all the brave American ninjas that have made such massive personal sacrifices and served to protect all of us wimpy non-ninjas' freedom. You're all crazy brave and get mad respect from us <3 Of course, Memorial Day is to remember and honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, while serving - but we thought we could use the moment to appreciate those actively serving, and possibly reading this little post as well :)

So we're going to do a bit of the obligatory small business holiday cash-grabbin', but first of all, our sale prices are ridiculously awesome and secondly, a portion of all the proceeds will be going to some good causes. More on that below, and there's a link to the sale RIGHT HERE!

We'll be donating proceeds from this sale to a couple different places. First of all 10% of proceeds will go to The Veterans Site, and you can learn more about them RIGHT HERE!

Also, 10% of proceeds will be donated to DOGGY HARMONY, a Georgia-based rescue dedicated to bringing balance to the flow of dogs brought into crowded southern region kill shelters by helping them journey north. The northern roomy shelters help ebb the ticking clock on how long these dogs get to find a home. This Ebb of the Flow is the harmony that these dogs need to survive.

Through DOGGY HARMONY's partnership with ALPHA DOG RESCUE in Maine, many of these urgent dogs will get the chance to be transported to ALPHA DOG’s no kill shelter. Northern regions of the US have a shortage of dogs, most likely due to the harsher winters. So our dogs at Cobb County Animal Control Shelter are very desired and have several eager fur-parents already awaiting their arrival!

But getting these desperate animals transported creates a large expense and these dogs rely on your donations to escape a short lived fate.

Additionally, they need a temporary place to go while they wait for the next transport; which isn’t until June 10th. So, if you, or anyone you know, live in the Georgia area, please PLEASE consider offering temporary foster homes for these great dogs. It’s only for a couple weeks and it saves their lives.

Visit Alpha Dog Rescue’s Facebook page HERE to see updated videos of several dogs that have already been saved from Cobb County Animal Control Shelter through the transport service of Doggie Harmony.

Also, visit CHARLIEZ ANGELZ youtube page HERE for updated videos on dogs at the shelter awaiting rescue and adoption, to see their personalities and sociability.

Here is a list of the current most URGENT dogs and you can click them to view their pet finder pages:









That about covers it! If you're currently waiting on an order from us, we'll be all caught up on mailorder by Wednesday, so be on the lookout for a shipping notification for existing orders as well :)

Thank you guys so much, Happy Memorial Day!!


Lindsay & Joel