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Jeniferever - Iris LP

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Jeniferever - Iris LP


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"It may be just a four-track EP but don t whatever you do think this is a quick-spin-while-getting-ready-to-go-out job. Clocking in at no less than 37 minutes *Jeniferever *are a band all-too-fluent in the art of drawing out a song and building upon it wonderfully expressive Sigur Ros-esque art-scapes. As you begin to absorb such delicate waves of sound you start to view their music more as works of art, where, in _ White Belt, Black Heart _especially, ebbing strings and flowing bursts of colour are shaded warmly while evocations of long-treasured emotions are given chance to unfold once more. (...) Without getting too poetic about it, _ Iris _is simply a beautiful record that you ll find caressing your hangover time and time again."

Vinyl Color
black vinyl
Limited to
Record Label
Denovali Records