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It Is Curtains CD

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Beware of Safety

It Is Curtains CD



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"The band's name forewarns of the explosive content that is to follow. Anyone who tells you that It is Curtains isn't a modern spin on the "loud, noisy" instrumental rock band is not someone you should trust with your money. Though the quartet may lack a bassist, there's no stopping them from delivering some brutal walls of sound. In fact, the absence of the bass allows the layers to be all the more separable. Each can be identified and picked apart, instead of bleeding together to form a solid sound. It is this approach that makes the two closing tracks, "O'Canada" and "To the Roof! Let's Jump and Fall..." so successful. Undoubtedly "To the Roof!" will go down as one of the most epic instrumental tracks of the year, as death-defying heights are scaled and descended with the utmost experience and technical skill. Many bands never produce a track this monumental through the entirety of their existence, but Beware of Safety hits a grand slam at the first at bat. The only thing that might overshadow the quality of It is Curtains is the massive amount of potential on display. This is a band poised to make some huge contributions to instrumental rock" - Jordan Volz, The Silent Ballet