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Isis - In The Absence Of Truth 2xLP

Isis - In The Absence Of Truth 2xLP



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"The logical expansion of ISIS' multiple personalities yielded In The Absence Of Truth, their fourth full-length album release. Building upon elements founded across prior albums Celestial, Oceanic and Panopticon, the 'atmospheric' parts became more haunting (yet, uplifting) and the 'heavy' parts even more brutal and crushing. However, it's hardly an album of polar opposites, with the fluidity only achieved by a band who'd been consistently developing on a clear path for nearly a decade.

In The Absence Of Truth marked ISIS' increased inclusion of actual singing, creating a significant impact on the more mellow moments, but widespread experimentation with new elements reaches far beyond the vocals here. Appropriate usage of unique tones, leads and overall surprising song-structures culminate with nine tracks of ISIS' now-trademark dirges. In The Absence Of Truth really is an astounding album, with a maturity displayed that leaps from ISIS' past into previously uncharted waters of heaviness. Robotic Empire is thrilled to once again to supply this gatefold, double-LP vinyl edition of ISIS' classic album."

Record Label
Robotic Empire