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Instru"mental" Bundle
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Instru"mental" Bundle


Out of Stock

The Instru"Mental" bundle is just what it says! Six of our best instrumental releases for the unbelievable "we-must-be-mental" low price of $59.99. Here's what it contains:

(Sheath002) Beware of Safety "It Is Curtains" 12" black vinyl (limited to 250)

(Sheath006) Giants "They, The Undeserving" 12" cream w/ maroon swirl (limited to 300)

(Sheath010) Lvngs "Sinking Ships b/w Two" 7" black vinyl (limited to 250)

(Sheath015) Caspian "Tertia" 2xLP transparent pilsner vinyl (limited to 400)

(Sheath030) Beware of Safety "Leaves/Scars" 2xLP brown marble (limited to 300)

(Sheath042) Minot "The Ringing Silence" 7" baby blue vinyl (limited to 300)

Package Deal