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Beware of Safety

dogs 2xLP



Out of Stock

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"In a full length debut that is as ambitious as it is visceral, as dynamic as it is subtle, and as frightening as it is comforting, Beware of Safety have discovered an unclassifiable sound steeped in psychedelia and speculative exposition.

The vinyl comes held in a deluxe gatefold jacket with an upgraded, heavy reverse board finish. The inside of the gatefold tells the tale of the album as illustrations by Bodin Sterba span the inner panels."

Limited to
pilsner: 300 | yellow: 100 | yellow/black swirl: 100 (tour)
Vinyl Weight
160 gram
Vinyl Packaging
350gsm gatefold jacket | reverse board finish
Vinyl Manufacturer
Pirates Press / GZ
Artwork Design
Artwork and Design: Bodin Sterba | Layout: Nate Shumaker/ Northern Lights Industries