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The Mylene Sheath Complete CD Collection
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The Mylene Sheath Complete CD Collection




This package deal includes all of our CD releases, for well over 50% off!!

- Caspian "The Four Trees" CD

- You.May.Die.In.The.Desert "Bears In The Yukon" CD

- Caspian "You Are The Conductor" CD

- Gifts From Enola "From Fathoms" CD

- Actors&Actresses "Arrows" CD

- Constants "The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension" CD

- Caspian "Tertia"

- Junius "The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist" CD

- Angel Eyes "Midwestern" CD

- Gifts From Enola "Gifts From Enola" CD

- Herra Terra "Quiet Geist" CD

- Lavinia "There Is Light Between Us" CD

- Eksi Ekso "Brown Shark, Red Lion" CD

- Actors&Actresses "We Love Our Enemy" CD

- Beware of Safety "Leaves/Scars" CD

- Beneath Oblivion "From Man to Dust" CD

- Aeges "The Bridge" CD

- Constants "Pasiflora" CD

- Gifts From Enola "A Healthy Fear" CD

- Dust Moth "Dragon Mouth" CD

- Minot "Equal/Opposite" CD

- Aeges "Above & Down Below" CD

- Jakob "Sines" CD


24 CD's for $65??? We must be INSAAAAAAANE!!!!

Package Deal