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San Angelus Stream 7" / OUT NOW!!

San Angelus Stream 7" / OUT NOW!!

Hey gang! The new three song EP from San Angelus is OUT NOW. These guys feature members from Pelican & Sparkmaker and they play a style of post-hardcore akin to 90’s legends like Jawbox, Failure, Hum, etc. But why are we explaining what they sound like? Just listen to the whole thing over at Rice And Bread Magazine HERE!

Diggin’ on that? Yeah, you are. Go pick up a 7" HERE. Half blue/half grey is sold out and splatter vinyl is very close to selling out – so grab it now!

You can also snag it digitally on Bandcamp HERE, iTunes HERE, Amazon HERE, or wherever else you like to pick up digis!!

- ENJOY!!!!

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Minot Premier New Track "Tharsis"!

Minot Premier New Track "Tharsis"!

Hey everyone!

Minot has premiered their new track Tharsis from their upcoming debut full length Equal / Opposite! Check it out below!! We’ll be releasing the album on July 1st, pre-orders coming soon!!

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San Angelus Premier New Track / Launch Pre-orders For New 7"!

San Angelus Premier New Track / Launch Pre-orders For New 7"!

Hey guys!

We’re now taking pre-orders for uu•Ü•uu, the new 7" EP from San Angelus! We have it on three colors of vinyl, but two of the colors are nearly sold out, so grab one queeeeeckly :) You can read all the details about it HERE or just head over to the store and scoop ’em HERE!

Also, Wondering Sound just premiered a new track off the 7"! Check out Vacuum over on the website RIGHT HERE!

Thanks so much everyone, have an awesome weekend!!

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Tour Dates

Oct 02
  • Minot

    San Francisco, CA

Oct 03
  • Minot

    Oakland, CA

Oct 06
  • Aeges

    Los Angeles, CA

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