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Aeges "The Bridge" FREE DOWNLOAD! Today only!

Aeges "The Bridge" FREE DOWNLOAD! Today only!

As our “Free Downloads of Christmas” project continues on, today we offer Aeges full length debut The Bridge for FREE DOWNLOAD! We released this album on 4/17 this year and it received critical acclaim across the board! But don’t just listen to the critics, find out for yourself! You can download this bad boy HERE and you can purchase it on vinyl (very few available) or CD at 50% off HERE! ’Tis the season!! And get ready for Aeges to take the show on the road hardcore in 2013!! Happy Holidays everyone, another 2012 release going up tomorrow!

And remember you can download our winter 2013 label sampler for free HERE and check out our ongoing “Doomsday Sale” HERE, it ends on Dec. 22nd!!

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December Newsletter / Doomsday Sale!

December Newsletter / Doomsday Sale!

Hey guys!

The December Newsletter is now up if you feel like killing some time and reading up a bit :) We’re also having a “Doomsday Sale” from now until Dec. 22nd where tons of vinyl is 21% off and CDs are $5.99!

You can read the newsletter HERE and check out the Doomsday Sale HERE

Thanks guys!!

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Gifts From Enola Tour Fundraising Digital EP

Gifts From Enola Tour Fundraising Digital EP

Hey fam,

Did you know that you can help Gifts From Enola get in the van over the next few months by purchasing a digital EP that includes a remix of Honne/Tatemae by Living Phantoms (Will Benoit of Constants) and instrumental demos of Cherry and Steady Diet? The digital EP only costs $3 and will help the dudes get to your town later this month and then again in the spring. Throw the boys a bone and support a dedicated DIY touring band! All proceeds will go directly to the band, which in turn will bring them directly to a town near you. You can read more about it this and purchase the EP RIGHT HERE!

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Tour Dates

Oct 24
  • Jakob

    Wellington, NZ

  • Minot

    Braunschweig, DE

Oct 27
  • Aeges

    Los Angeles, CA

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