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Gifts From Enola: 2006-2013

Gifts From Enola: 2006-2013

Hello friends,

It is difficult to actually say this, but Gifts From Enola has officially disbanded after seven years of activity. You can read their official statement HERE. We had an incredibly close band/label relationship. As with any relationship we had our disagreements, but we always believed in each other and fought an uphill battle year after year together. It’s hard to imagine where the band would have headed musically after A Healthy Fear, they morphed and evolved so much from album to album that we can only imagine how gloriously ahead of the curve the next album would have been. But, we are all left with four albums and two splits worth of material that is undeniably timeless. There was one night in particular that we’ll never forget. The night the band sent us the final mixes for From Fathoms. They weren’t mastered yet, and we listened to the album from beginning to end and well, we actually cried a bit. It just gave us goosebumps over and over again with tears in our eyes. They had nailed it. And then they nailed it again and again after that on subsequent albums, obviously. But that night, early on in the band and the labels’ lives, it was so incredibly beautiful. It’s tough to think we won’t have another of those nights with a new Gifts From Enola album. We knew each of the members more importantly as friends; from helping each other move hundreds of miles to hilarious New Years Eve drunk dials, from whiskey and chess in hotel rooms in rural PA to high rise hotel suites in TX, we had some times with them that we truly cherish. As far as the label is concerned, we just consider ourselves fortunate to have played a role in the incredible albums the band has made. We’ll always be hopeful that they decide to reform and record another masterpiece, but if not we most definitely wish them the best in all of their future personal and professional endeavors.

But for now, good bye guys, we love you.

Lindsay & Joel

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