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"one of my favourite albums of the year..." — Absolute Punk

"gorgeous dream pop..." — Decoy Music

"This album by Living Phantoms might be a new favorite of that sprawling genre. It sits right around the M83 but with a touch of Múm or even last year's Ulfer..." — Dead Formats

Pressing Info

- 100 translucent blue cassettes

Living Phantoms


Sheath047 | Released November 12, 2013


Constants front-man Will Benoit strikes out on his own here with the first project under his Living Phantoms moniker. Check it out below to have it stuck in your head for days.

Shiver EP cassette
Limited to 100

Sheath News

Jakob "Sines" 2xLP Pre-orders SHIPPED!

Hey guys, you'll be pleased...
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Tour Dates

Dec 19
  • If These Trees Could Talk

    Columbus, OH

Dec 20
  • If These Trees Could Talk

    Cleveland, OH

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