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The Four Trees

"Caspian has the instrumental firepower to make a big noise when it feels like it. But the melodies, timbres and harmonics are so fully realized that "Tertia" would be mighty, even without its climaxes..." — The Washington Post

"With key tempo changes, well-spaced arrangements, and delicate instrumental insertions Tertia succeeds in capturing an earthen mood even as it soars to scrape the upper levels of the atmosphere..." — Pop Matters

"the ability to create such a wide range of reactions is the definition of true art. And if it can be accomplished through a version of metal, all the more power to it. Heady stuff, this." — Metal Sucks

"Listening to it unfold feels like staring at your own static image in the mirror, waiting for infinitesimal changes to reveal themselves..." — The Boston Globe

"Tertia finds Caspian trying new things and succeeding, gleefully galloping over the sophomore slump, never looking back..." — Prefix Mag

"a master class in the art of the perfect post-rock performance... stunning..." — Rock Sound

"please forgive my vague descriptions, but Caspian have laid their hands upon me and left the indescribable sensation that I’ve just heard something rather special, and they’ve taken a piece of me with them, while leaving a part of themselves with me..." — Metal Review

Pressing Info

1st Pressing (2007):
- 200 Side A/B: green vinyl w/white splatter, Side C/D: blue vinyl w/white splatter (mailorder edition)
- 300 Side A/B: brown vinyl w/white splatter, Side C/D: white vinyl w/brown splatter (tour edition)
- 500 half pilsner/half white

2nd Pressing (2013):
- 100 translucent pilsner w/maroon & black splatter
- 100 clear vinyl w/bronze swirl
- 400 bronze

Collectors Note:
10 test presses were hand numbered with hand screened covers. Also, the 1st press and the 2nd press have different artwork.


The Four Trees

Sheath004 | Released April 10, 2007


A landmark record. Nothing can be said about this album that hasn’t already been said. One of 2007’s defining albums. Few records are as moving, capable of such emotional depth, or as effortless to connect to.

“if you had to point to one lasting document, one Exhibit A to testify for the validity and emotional power of the entire instrumental post-rock genre, then you’d be hard-pressed to pick a more winning example than Caspian’s brilliant The Four Trees. Case closed.” – Pop Matters

Stream It:

The Four Trees CD
The Four Trees 2xLP
Vinyl Color: Clear w/Bronze Swirl Vinyl (2nd Press)
Limited to 100
Out of Stock
The Four Trees 2xLP
Vinyl Color: Bronze Vinyl (2nd Press)
Limited to 400
Out of Stock
The Four Trees 2xLP
Vinyl Color: Translucent Pilsner w/Maroon and Black Splatter Vinyl (2nd Press)
Limited to 100
Out of Stock
The Four Trees 2xLP
Vinyl Color: A/B: Translucent Green w/White Splatter C/D: Translucent Blue w/White Splatter Vinyl (1st Press)
Limited to 200
Out of Stock
The Four Trees 2xLP
Vinyl Color: Half Pilsner/Half White Vinyl (1st Press)
Limited to 500
Out of Stock

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