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"Midwestern is haunting and hammering, blending the fury of metal with the surge and sweep of post-rock. It's a fascinating hybrid... " — eMusic

"The album is a bleak, punishing journey..." — Outburn Magazine

"Like Neurosis crossed with Explosions In The Sky fronted by a vocalist who skipped his rabies treatment..." — Decibel Magazine

"I am completely serious; Midwestern is an excellent album that I would consider “not to be missed”, and the album certainly shows that Angel Eyes can drop their gloves with the best of them..." — Scene Point Blank

"Angel Eyes have molded all of their frustrations and criticisms into a beautifully dark and moody record that paints a picture of a world corrupted by society’s skewed perceptions of history..." — Decoy Music

Pressing Info

- 100 blue vinyl (mailorder edition)
- 100 gold/black swirl (tour edition)
- 300 gold vinyl

*Collectors Note: There were 10 test presses sold online package in regular jackets that were hand-numbered on the back.

Angel Eyes


Sheath019 | Released July 13, 2010


A dynamic work of art spanning over 40 minutes in 4 tracks. Building, breathing, retching, and exploding; the album documents the very bottom of America’s economic collapse, tying it together with our own historical repetition and mankinds inability to learn from his mistakes. Off with their fucking heads.

“Like Neurosis crossed with Explosions In The Sky fronted by a vocalist who skipped his rabies treatment…” — Decibel Magazine

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Midwestern LP
Vinyl Color: Gold Vinyl
Limited to 300
Midwestern LP
Vinyl Color: Navy Blue Vinyl
Limited to 100
Out of Stock
Midwestern CD

Sheath News

Mustard Gas & Roses and Dust Moth Touring This Fall!

Hey! Our homies in Dust Mot...
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