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“responsible for some of the most breathtaking vinyl packages in the industry” – eMusic

“I have no idea where this label digs up such amazing bands but they seem to have discovered a secret reservoir of greatness that they keep tapping into. Every time I hear a release on this label I think “that’s it, they can’t top themselves again” and yet they do, every time!” – The Punk Vault

“Lindsay and Joel provide a personal touch, whether via a handwritten “thanks” on each and every order or the entertaining newsletters and email updates that they put together” – Decibel Magazine

We are an independent record label based in Athens, GA, owned and run by yours truly, Joel Proper and Lindsay Palmer. With vital help from our teammates and the bands on the label, we’ve been able to dedicate ourselves to exposing as many people as possible to the artists that we share our admiration in and our respect for. The main goal is to do this without compromising any of ours, the bands, or your ethics and integrity.

In 2004, in Orlando, FL, our paths crossed while in school for audio engineering. We ended up being assigned to work together on a few projects and the gatherings and record listening sessions that took place in between those projects brought to light the fact that we shared the same dedication to music, life, and unity. Through that common ground, the initial ideas for The Mylene Sheath transpired and it became obvious that we would forgo the rat race of a career in audio engineering and follow our hearts instead. We wanted to do more to give something positve back to bands, their music, and an ‘industry’ that gave so much to us throughout our own lives. With some continued education in Entertainment Business and the love and support of family, we began the long process of preparing and planning our own ideas of a record label.

In last few months of 2006, we relocated to Cincinnati, OH, unpacked, settled in, watched Beneath Oblivion play at Top Cats (who ended up being our best buds and a vital part of the roster) and got busy on making The Mylene Sheath happen. In August of 2007, we released our first 12", If These Trees Could Talk’s eponymous debut EP. Shortly after, we heard Weak Wrists by Beware of Safety and released our second 12", It Is Curtains. From there, we began meeting all kinds of amazing people, mind blowing bands, and similarly driven partners that would become our friends and family and essentially build the entire foundation of the label. Through that grass roots process, the relationship’s we’ve built are real and meaningful. And with everyone’s hard work and dedication, we continue to move forward and build upon that foundation; organically creating something together we believe in, love, and can be proud of.

Lets fast forward three years and twenty releases to June of 2010. For various reasons, we relocated once again, this time to Athens, GA. Nate from Gifts From Enola drove their veggie fueled tour bus to Ohio and with over twenty releases, seven pets, and not much room for furniture, we loaded up and hauled FOUR TONS of vinyl five hundred miles to Athens, GA. So far, Athens has been a sweet ass place to live and run the label, and we’ve been welcomed with open arms from the door. There is so much killer music in the veins of this town and we’re obviously pumped to have the chance to hang in the ranks.

The journey is long and no where near it’s end, but we take our steps carefully and want to ensure that this is done right and always continues to be done right. From an ethical standpoint AND a business standpoint; these two worlds don’t have to collide, you can find harmony between them. And we happen to believe that in finding this harmony, the music, ideas, and people we dedicate our lives to can then have a realistic chance of making their own dreams happen. Sometimes you only have one chance to make it work, so you better make it work.

So that’s the overview, but the bottom line to it all is we are not only in this to release defining records by incredible bands and individuals, but even furthermore to hopefully create a sense of unity and family between us and the rest of the music lovers that join us along the way. Are we cheesy and over the top sometimes? Sure, but it’s always 100% honest and from the heart. We take chances, some of them are good and some are mistakes, but we always try and we believe in what we’re doing.

You can only change the world through living by example.

Learn more about the label by reading an interview with eMusic HERE and an interview with Decibel Magazine HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2)


Joel Proper

Joel D. Proper, Co-owner and Head of Production, Marketing, and A&R, was born in Titusville, PA in 1979. The first record he owned was Europe’s The Final Countdown, followed shortly by Bon Jovi’s seminal Slippery When Wet.

October 2014 Top 5:
5. NFL
4. Baseball fields
2. Equate Omeprazole
1. Old Miami Dolphins games from 1984


Lindsay Palmer

Lindsay A. Palmer, Co-owner and Head of Operations, Sales, and A&R, was born in Miami, FL in 1983. The first record she owned was Genesis’ Genesis, followed shortly by Bon Jovi’s, you guessed it, Slippery When Wet.

October 2015 Top 5:
5. Bruce Lee
4. AmStaffs
3. Nikola Tesla
2. Air and Space travel
1. The Sun and Chakras

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